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Keays Reindeer Board - Ivory

Keays Reindeer Board - Ivory
Manufacturer: Keays Reindeer
Sales price: R 8,00

Keays Reindeer Ivory 300gsm board A4

Keaykolour Reindeer is the ultimate range or embossed boards offering perfect co-ordination and design flexibility which has a leather finish.

Keaykolour has been specifically developed to give a high degree of printability by all processes so it is ideal for advertising and promotional material, reports, brochures, cover, poster and invitations. It has superb folding, die-cutting and scoring properties, which lends it to folders and diverse packaging applications.

Keaykolour Reindeer is FSC mixed source certified, uses elementary chlorine free (ECF) pulp from well managed forests and is acid free ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified.