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Trans Paper - Chocolate 100gsm A4

Trans Paper - Chocolate 100gsm A4
Manufacturer: Curious Translucent
Sales price: R 7,10

Curious Translucent Chocolate 100gsm A4

Curious Translucent – Transparent bliss for creative games, form part of the curious collection from Arjowiggins Creative paper. All Arjowiggins mills work constantly to reduce the environmental impact of paper manufacturing. All products in the curious collection are FSC certified mixed source. These products use only elemental chlorine free (ECF) pulp from trees grown in sustainable forest. Arjowiggins mills are all ISO 14001 accredited EMAS. The Company has made significant investments in combined heat and power (CHP) generation, resulting in reduced green house emissions. Arjowiggins mills have continuous improvement programmers to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Effluent waste is treated and most is reused in other processes.

Ebbing and flowing in a waterfall of colours the new Curious Translucent range satisfies the thirst of anyone seeking vivid or subtle transparent shades. Always elegant their transparency provides a rainbow of modern colours which compliment each other and re matched to their Metallic counterparts in such a way as to produce creative bliss.

Curious Translucent are all natural papers made form 100% pure cellulose fibre, without the use of translucent sing chemicals. They are recyclable, acid free.

We recommend pre-testing fir desktop laser and monochrome inkjet printers.